My Story For His Glory: Part 2 (Amber Canavan)

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I thought it was probably time to talk about how we are doing in regards to eating.

Most of you know from previous post that we went plant based last November. My husband had struggled with migraines his whole life and had started getting them more frequent plus he started having a really bad pain in his left wrist that eventually moved up his arm to the point where he could no longer hold our son. I was really worried plus I was struggling with my own stuff too. So we decided to try it for a week-with the main thing being getting of MEAT.

It did wonders. We both noticed dramatic changes in the way we felt! So much so that we decided to stick with it. We began making healthier choices. I won’t go into every single detail but we were able to stick with it for a long time. The only downfall being that although we began to eat healthier we began to eat LESS. Which resulted in an already skinny me becoming an even skinnier me. Ryan lost a ton of weight, but has pretty much been able to maintain it. I on the other hand have not.

Fast forward to now….I can honestly say I feel horrible. Although we have not gone back to meat, we have started bringing back foods that we had given up that we knew weren’t good for us. Some of the things we gave up was dairy, gluten and sugar. My body absolutely loved me for it…but now I’ve slowly started eating things with those ingredients in them. I never had a problem with dairy, but once I got off and my body started responding better I realized my body had become so immune to it. Now though if I eat anything with dairy in it, I instantly feel sick and blah!

It has been a struggle lately to eat healthy. So much has been going on and I overthink everything which ends up resulting in me doing nothing. We constantly feel sick and tired all the time again. I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t want my son to grow up feeling like this. I want a change. One that lasts.

I know alot of people do not think food has much of an impact but I know first hand from eating healthy than not, it has a HUGE impact. I believe with all my heart that FOOD IS MEDICINE. 

I’ve had to realize though that healing takes times…! I’ve had to remind myself of that everyday. I get discouraged so easily…i’ll text Ryan sometimes and be like “Maybe I’m just meant to feel this way forever” he then reminds me I definitely wont heal if Im negative towards my self and the process. It’s so hard sometimes. Especially because all everyone ever points out is the outside. “Well if you’re healing shouldn’t you have better skin? Should your weight be normal?” Etc. I’ve felt sick for so long. Ive been to the doctors so many times and leave every time with no answers except a sheet full of medications they think might help.

We both talked though that we no longer associate ourselves with being plant based right now or anything really because we are still trying to figure it all out. I think the best thing we can do is listen to our bodies. That’s been my biggest focus is trying to listen to my body. It’s not easy or enjoyable having lost even more weight. I was looking at pictures of me before and I look sickly now.  It’s hard to tell others to eat healthy or live healthier if we aren’t looking it or feeling it. Although when I was eating healthier I felt GREAT, like i said I was eating less which meant my body was happy yet still being deprived of what it really needed to keep healing.

People ask me all the time for our recipes and how we do things…I have no enjoy to share it sometimes, because I am still trying to figure it out on my own. All I can say is eating healthy is SO SO SO worth it. It effects so much of our lives.

My goal right now is to become disciplined in the area of my food.  I no longer want my emotions or moods to make decisions for me when it comes to my food. I want to listen to my body, study the Word of God and see what He has to say, and do the very best I can to take better care of it.

Alot of people do not think eating healthy has anything to do with our spiritual life, I disagree. I think it has alot to do with it! Think about it! We tell people they shouldn’t smoke because their bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, they shouldn’t do drugs, yet we put crappy foods in our body everyday that do alot more damage sometimes than either of those things. I am not saying those things aren’t bad, my point being if FOOD wasn’t important why is it mentioned so much in the Bible? We don’t mind others being convicted about sins we think are wrong as long as no one tries to bring up our FOOD. haha

Anyway, that was just an extra “popped into my head” moment.

I am going to study the Bible and see what GOD says about it. Even in the area of my acne. I’ve been asking the Lord to heal it, to give me wisdom to heal it. I think I should be very clear on a few things though because I get alot of questions or people reaching out and I think I should make it clear:

1- I do NOT take medication at all.  It’s not just that i wont, I absolutely refuse to. Ive seen wayyyy too many peoples lives messed up because of it. Yes it may get whatever I have under control but that stuff stays in my system. I was given medication for an Amoeba 3 years ago that almost killed me!! I still have side effects from it to this day. No one can ever convince me to take medication again. I’ve done my research I’ve seen first hand in my life and the lives of people Im close to what it does to you. I believe my system is still messed up because of that medication. I refuse to give my son or husband medication either. This is a personal preference based of personal experience. Also a decision I made through lots of prayer. I remember awhile back Luke was reallly sick. He has a high fever and was just so miserable. I knew though that God had given me peace about not doing medication in our family. I remember going to the bathroom and crying my eyes out. I told the Lord that I did not want to withhold the medication from Luke out of PRIDE. I believed he gave me wisdom about not taking medication. I asked Him to please give me wisdom what to give him naturally that could help. He did of course. I had one of our ladies make tea with Tawa-Tawa leaves here. Listen, if you take it that’s your decision, I do not. 

2 – We do not eat meat! I know there is grass fed- and organic stuff but I do not live where it is easily accessible to us. Chemicals and hormones are injected into meat (i have friends that own meat shops and farms-they’ve warned me themselves). I do not allow my son to eat meat at all either. We occasionally eat fish.

3 – Although I think PROTEIN is important it is no longer my main concern. I will link a few articles that helped me understand why I it shouldn’t be so focused on like we’ve been told it should.

4 – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Seriously. What i post is my personal opinion now. I’ve studied and had lost of trial and error…I’m still having those. If I share something we don’t eat or why we don’t eat it or do it…don’t take it personal. You do you, and I’ll do me.

Wohhhhoo. Okay now that that is out of the way, I just wanted to write and say, I’m trying really hard to figure this healthy eating out. I know alot but sometimes it’s not the knowing and learning that’s hard, it’s the putting it into practice that makes it hard!

I want you to know though that I’m not giving up. I am determined to heal. I cannot live an unhealthy lifestyle for so long and expect to be healed within a month. That’s not realistic.

So anyway, this post obviously is all over the place butttt I just wanted you to know we’re working really hard to get it under control. I want a healthier life for MY family. I do not want to rely just what doctors or others have to say as the final word. I know there is so much out there I need to learn.

I will heal. We will heal. 

Becoming More Independent

It was alot easier to take his picture when he was smaller. Now he can run off or shake his head no if he doesnt want to take one. He looked so cute in his outfit last night and I really wanted a picture so Ryan had to google cats (HE LOVES CATS) just to keep him in one spot while I snapped some pictures of him. (Video of him below) Continue reading “Becoming More Independent”