Hey Guys! Heads up…this is a long post:) + I feel like my words are all over the place. Oh well. Enjoy!

If you follow me on my Instagram or Youtube Channel you already know that for almost 2 months now my husband and I have been eating Plant Based.

It has changed our lives. I never realized how changing the way we eat could change SO much for us. The craziest thing is I never ever thought Ryan could survive eating this way, when in fact he’s the one always saying now how much he loves eating this way. He eats broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes..when before he would not touch them!

I’m so thankful to have him because he really has inspired me. He loves to cook in our family so he does most of the cooking. Filipinos know so many vegetable meals so I let him do it:)

I get asked alot “So you’re vegan now?” No, not really. Maybe in the area of not eating meat but I did not really choose to go the Vegan route because I wasn’t doing this for the animals…although I love animals, I grew up with them. I was more focused on doing this for the health and lifestyle of my FAMILY. For so long we have lived a lifestyle that just wasn’t making life any better. I wanted so badly to change. I wanted a different life for me my husband and child. I read alot now and do my own research. So whatever I decide is based on facts and personal changes I’ve seen in my own life. This lifestyle is not for everyone. I looked at it this way I wanted so badly to have a good relationship with my food. I also know that food is medicine. We do not take medicine in our home, so if Luke gets a runny nose or fever (which is rare) I use natural remedies to help. I will share more of that in the future. I know there is so much in my home that I need to change in order to live a healthier more natural lifestyle, but I also realize there is no point to change all that if I am not going to eat healthy. I do find it frustrating because everything natural is so expensive, which is why I am so inspired to learn cheap natural alternatives for healthy living that can be adapted and used by ANYONE. That starts with the way I eat.

Below are a few things that have changed for us since going PLANT BASED:

1. WE’RE NOT TIRED ALL THE TIME ANYMORE. I am not joking when I say we used to take 2-3 hour naps everyday sometimes 4..before changing our diet. We were constantly wanting to sleep. Ryan would go straight to the room after eating and lay down. As a mother I used to LIVE for the times when Luke would lay down for a nap because that meant I could crawl back into bed! Now if we lay down for a nap, it’s because we can or we’ve done something that ACTUALLY made us tired not because of what we were eating. To be honest we’ve probably taken 3 naps total since going Plant Based.

2. HEADACHES & MIGRAINES – At least 4 times a week Ryan would complain about a headache or migraine. He has always had migraines. He would get them really bad too! I honestly started to worry…a week into the plant based diet though I noticed he hadn’t complained once of a headache or migraine. Until now almost 2 months later he still hasn’t complained about headaches or migraines. It makes me so happy to see what once caused him alot of pain is now not even around.

3. WEIGHT LOSS – Ryan lost 10 kg. We always laugh cause people would always make comments “Oh you are so fat. Your stomach has gotten so big.” It never bothered me cause I nor him have never really been big on body image..So when people said it we were kind of just like whatever. BUT he was excited when he did lose the weight cause it made him feel better. We had to get him new pants 2 sizes below what he used to wear. Anyway, if you’re wanting to lose weight this is definitely something you should try. ha!

4. LUKE EATS WHATEVER WE EAT. This was probably the biggest deal for us!! Before going plant based we both talked that we did not want Luke growing up with the eating habits we had. We wanted him to have a good relationship with food. Honestly though, I somewhat hesitate writing this because some people feed their kids a certain way so they make take it personal on my stance of how I feed my kid…but then again they have their opinion of how and what they let their kids eat so for me I thought I’d share why I have the opinion i do. I want a healthy child. You may have a healthy child now, and think the stuff they eat doesn’t effect them..but give it a couple of years it will catch up with them.

Whenever we ate fast food out I always hesitated feeding our son. Especially anything sweet. I fed him anyway though, because how was I supposed to explain to him why it wasn’t good for him but Mom and Dad could have it? He wanted (just like any child) to eat what we were eating. I always felt bad after feeding him that kind of food.

I read the other day how sometimes we assume that a child’s body when they are born is like brand new, with no blemishes when in fact it’s the opposite their bodies are still developing and need so much rebuilding and nourishing. I don’t want to raise my kids on fast food and sweets. Ever wonder why kids wont eat their vegetables? Because the other food has dominated their taste buds.

The other night we went to eat and whenever we go out to eat my Mom is always SO sweet and makes sure to order only vegetables or stuff we can eat. We ordered a vegetable soup and I gave Luke vegetables to eat. He was stuffing his face with tomatoes, beans, and petchay! Not a big deal to others but it was HUGE to me. He loveddd them. And I didn’t feel one bit of guilt after. If you feed your kids fast food, sweets etc, that’s your decision as a parent-and I say all the time you make decisions for your family based on what is BEST for them. I though made the choice to no longer feed my kid that way. When he gets older-older he can decide for himself. But while he is in our home he will eat healthy. I hope to raise him to live healthy that he won’t want to eat or live a different way.

5. MORE ENERGY FOR MINISTRY. Ryan is full-time at our church and I help him as much as i can. We love being able to serve in our church. Lately though we started noticing we just weren’t doing anything. We weren’t really enjoying it. Alot of it had to do with being tired all the time, moody, irritable, and just being somewhat depressed. We had stopped enjoying visiting people, witnessing, giving out tracts. You’re probably thinking “What does the way you eat have to do with that?” I don’t have the exact answer for that other than now because of the way we eat, WE ENJOY MINISTRY AGAIN. We aren’t frustrated or tired all the time. We have so much more energy when we do something for the church. We go visiting more now. There’s just sooo much that has changed in this area of ministry since changing the way we’ve eaten! We both wanted so badly for this area to change.

 6. PAIN IN WRIST – Ryan had started complaining of pain in his left wrist. It got so bad he couldn’t even carry Luke and when he did he was in soo much pain. Anytime he moved it, it hurt. I didn’t know what to do. I was desperate to find something that could help him. It’s completely gone now. No more pain. I keep thinking if it can do that for his wrist what could it do for someone else with joint pains that wont’ go away?

Alot of what I shared is more related to Ryan because I was so focused on seeing life change for him. He tells me I am alot happier now and vibrant though ha! I feel sooo different now.

Anyway, we do not eat any meat (except fish). I personally think getting off meat is the best decision you can make..even if you only do it for a week or a month. It changes your taste bud. When we stopped meat, saying to no to soda and sweets was EASY because we didn’t even crave it! We also eat not sweets, soda or dairy!

We had one day where we cheated BIG time. The next day I was throwing up and so sick. I honestly don’t ever remember being that sick before. It was bad. That kind of confirmed it for me though that I didn’t want to go back to eating the way I had eaten before going plant based. It’s not for everyone but it WORKS for us. We love the way we eat now. There’s been once or twice we ate something sweet-but paid for it after!! We often get pity looks when people see us eat the way we do, but for Ryan and I we don’t feel deprived or left out..we feel alive. We enjoy our food now.

Anyone who ask me what’s the best advice I can give..I always say JUST TRY IT FOR ONE WEEK. That one week changed it for us. I say it over and over..I’m so much happier now than I was before. Our relationship, our health has improved so much. Why would I want to go back to the old life just for FOOD? Remember the food we eat is either fighting off a disease or feeding it. We still have so much to learn. But I enjoy learning. I want to heal my gut. I want to heal my body. I want to have energy to play and do things with my son. I want to feel alive. I want to love my food, not resent it. I honestly give all the glory back to God because without HIM I couldn’t have done this. I begged Him to show us a different life. I wanted so badly to get healthy.

I am nowhere near my goal of where I want to be health wise..but i have made progress and to me that’s better than nothing. I am on a journey to heal my body. I am also on a journey to share a healthier lifestyle with those around me who want a different life too! I now I will get different reactions to this post. That’s okay. All I hope is that this in some way inspires SOMEONE out there who is feeling the way I once felt. 

I do get asked ALOT what we eat-I promise I will share that with you very soon!!!

Love you guys! If you read all the way to the end-Thank you!!

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