A couple of years ago I got a really bad AMOEBA. I was in the hospital twice- for a total of two weeks. I was the sickest I had ever been. I got it from drinking tap water at a restaurant. Which was CRAZY to me because after so many years of living here and drinking water from so many places – I end up getting it from a nice restaurant.

The doctors had me go on all different kinds of medicines. One of them being FLAGYL. Which if you were to ask me is the worst thing you could ever take. I don’t care who prescribes it. That stuff is horrible!! It may cure you but the side effects you live with after, are horrible. I threw up and got sicker each time I took it. I was miserable, and to be honest it wasn’t from the amoeba.

Finally one of my close friends convinced me to try activated charcoal powder drink. So I did. I got off all the other medicines and just went with that. It cured my Amoeba within 2 days. Unfortunately, I had taken that Flagyl so much that it cause me alot of problems. My hair thinned out so much I had to have it cut REALLY short. I still to this day get body shocks during the night. There is no way I’d ever take that again.

Now when anyone comes to me about food poisoning or stomach pains- I tell them to take activated charcoal. I know it works. I believe in it. Whenever we get a really bad stomach ache or eat something that really upsets our stomach, we take activated charcoal capsules. It’s also GREAT for removing toxins from your body. I think every single family should own a bottle of these. I promise you, you won’t be sorry that you purchased these.

Below I’m sharing TWO kinds that I’ve tried. The first one is definitely my favorite..but the second is great also!!

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