“Where do I start?”

One of the questions people have been asking me since I shared about going Plant Based is “Where do I start?” I remember how frustrated I was when I would read other peoples stories and read through the whole post about how it changed their life but never really telling me where I should start!

The first thing I did was I started to read and research – Sometimes people ask me about health and when I tell them what I think or how I feel about a certain health issue they come back at me with sarcastic comments like I have no clue what I’m talking about. I admit before I used to be embarrassed to stand up for myself if someone questioned me about health and I gave them an answer, not anymore. I am not intimidated by people making comments at me. I’m confident enough now to answer them. I do my research. I have people make snarky comments at me about feeding Luke only vegetables while their kid is standing right next to them chugging down a coke and a bunch of junk food. Im really confident then ha! Just know that if you decide to live healthier and make healthier choices you will get made fun of or criticized. That’s okay don’t take it personal because usually the problem is they’re intimidated by you. I make decisions for my family’s health through lots of prayer and reading. So my best advice go do your research. Ask God to show YOU what steps you need to take.

The next thing i did is talked to Ryan. I wanted us to be on the same page. I do not like to try things by myself. I like doing them with Ryan. It helps to have a partner to help keep you accountable. We ENJOY this lifestyle cause we’re doing it together!

Decided if you’re going to go all in or take it slow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking it slow. You are not weak because you choose to go that route. Ryan and I went all in, that worked for us. That doesn’t mean it will work for you. Remember do what works for you!!!

We decided to cut out all meat (except fish-even that though we only eat like once a week). I have tried so many diets, food challenges and ended up giving up. Mainly because I was so focused on staying away from sugar or junk food. I didn’t realize, until I started doing my research just how much of an effect too much meat can have on our health. I do not believe that ALL meat is bad. Where I live though there are little to know healthy options when it comes to meat. I was sooo amazed at how much our taste buds changed once we got off meat. The getting off sugar and other things was a piece of cake once we gave up meat. I recommend getting of meat for ONE WEEK. That’s it. See how it makes you feel! If you don’t really feel like going that route though, challenge yourself to not eat as much meat. I was shocked how almost every meal we were eating had meat. So it’s definitely changed every meal we eat. Personal opinion- getting off meat changed everything!!!

We started eating ALOT of fruits and vegetables. If you’re like me you’ve probably been told that too much fruit is BAD for you. I used to think that. I never really could understand though why it was so bad for you. I kept thinking how in the Garden of Eden that’s pretty much all they ate – so how could it be so bad for me? Once again I began to do my own research and I found out that NATURAL sugar that is in fruits is actually SO GOOD for you and you can never eat too many fruits. In fact eating ALOT of fruit is extremely beneficial to your health. I’m no longer afraid to eat fruit. Now whenever we get invited to a party we get a little TOO excited when we see the fruit platter! Some of my favorites are BANANAS, PAPAYA, MANGOES! Here’s an article about FRUIT FEAR. 

We did alot of experimenting with foods. The coming up with meals has been the biggest challenge for me. I used to hate to cook. Ryans always kind of been the one to cook the most. Even now he likes to cook most of the meals – he’s just better at it! I get asked alot what do I eat? I promise I will work on something soon to share with yawl. Basically though we eat ALOT of fruit like I mentioned above. We eat stir fry alot. Ryan likes rice so I tried to substitute it with a healthier option – Brown or Red. We eat black beans over rice with tomatoes and lettuce. Ryan makes different kinds of vegetable soups. Anyway I will try to work on some recipes this week! I also recently learned that CALORIES is the thing I should be focusing on the most!

We stay focused on our main goal. Our main goal is to live healthier. We both like the ways our lives have changed since going Plant Based. We love having all this extra energy. Ryan loves not having to deal with migraines and headaches all the time anymore. I love being able to get out of bed and not having an overwhelming feeling of wanting to crawl back into bed! So much has changed and when we’re tempted to give into things we just remind ourselves what our main goal is. I am not saying we would NEVER have a piece of cake or a piece of pizza again. I am saying that right now we have no desire to.

I also get asked ALL the time “Where do you get your protein now that you’re off meat? You need protein!” Here is a video to explain to you that PROTEIN isn’t really the key to living healthy!

The book that opened my eyes to alotttt of health things that went against almsot everything I had ever heard about health and the body is : LIVER RESCUE – By Anthony Williams.

I downloaded the book on my Kindle and all I can say is YOU’RE GOING TO WANT TO ALSO! He has several different books but this one was so good. Also be sure to check out the CELERY JUICE challenge. Unfortunately Celery is so expensive here so I juice cucumbers every morning. Anyway I hope some of these articles get you excited about taking your health back into your own hands!!

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