Hey Moms, Lets Zip It!

I think this is a lesson ive had to learn over and over since becoming a mother. To be honest I didn’t think it would be an area i’d have trouble in.

When Luke was just 3 months old I remember there was a mother that was coming back then and she would bring her daughter who was probably about 6 months older than Luke. Seriously such a doll baby! She had the cutest smile. The only thing was every time this mother would drop her baby off she would scream and kick and cry uncontrollably. She hated when her mom left her. Eventually we’d have to end up calling her mother to come back because she wouldn’t stop crying.

I remember one Sunday morning after this mother had picked up her daughter, i commented to my Mom, “That poor mother! How does she get anything done? She cant even leave her for a little time.” Honestly when I said those words they were really from a place of pitty for that mother yet they weren’t words that should have been spoken especially since I had no clue of the situation.

Guess what?! Fast forward ONE year and my son still wont let me leave him in the nursery. He goes absolutely insane. I get called back every time I leave him cause he won’t stop crying. And not just in the nursery if I try and leave him with anyone (except his dad) in general he cries his head off.

Ohhh and guess what? People aren’t commenting in secret they openly comment to my face that he’s a brat or that he’s “mama’s boy” or “HOW DO I GET ANYTHING DONE?” Bahaha I’m seriously laughing as I type this. I honestly get so irritated sometimes but the Lord just sits there and whispers “You reap what you sow!” I think he should’ve added an extra verse to Mothers “you reap what you SAY!”

But I just made a innocent comment. I didn’t even spread it or tell anyone but my mom. C’mon! My Dad always says “What you judge in others you will reap”. I was/am reaping the very words I let come out of my mouth.

Another instance. One Sunday a lady’s son slaps Luke and takes his toy. Luke just looks at me with these sad eyes…instantly I have a moment of pride, “Awww he’s so sweet! He turned the other cheek. That mom needs to teach her son to share and not slap.” Bahahaha Yup you guessed it- my son is soo selfish now with his toys and slaps when he gets angry!

I can’t tell you how many times a day he gets spanked. Or how many times I ask God “Why?! What have I done to deserve this?” Once again he whispers “You reap what you sow (say)!”

I could list about 5 more things Im reaping in my son because I simply made a comment.

Unfortunately though, i do NOT get to play the pity card. I do not get to write a long blog post about how unkind people are to me or how i and my son are being judged. Nope! All I get to do is be reminded every-time of the things I said about another mother or her child. i can also ask for forgiveness and mercy and pray that this all will pass soon but most of all I am learning to keep my mouth SHUT!!

We think we have to comment or give our opinion on how other people choose to do things in theirs lives without any knowledge or understanding of their current situation or why something is the way it is. Yet when the cards are turned on us and we’re the ones being talked about or commented on now, its an all out war! We lose our minds!

I seriously have learned more in this past year becoming a mother as I have in my entire life!! I am so thankful though! Because now every time I want to comment (im not saying i am all perfect now-nope I still struggle) I think twice though! I ask myself, “is this something I want to reap in my life or in my son?”

Maybe you’re going through a trial or you’re struggling with your kids or maybe something embarrassing has happened in your family? Ask yourself if your mouth or the judgment you’ve passed on others (whether it be 10 years ago) is what got you or your family into that situation. Im not saying everything that happens is a result of that but ALOT of times it is.

Im writing to the mother out there who maybe like me makes comments or sometimes gives their opinions about other mothers or their kids or anything in general-im warning you that it is NOT worth it!!!! We have too much going on in our own lives and family to be concerned with why someone else’s child is throwing a fit in the middle of the mall or why some mother runs away as fast as they can when dropping their child off to nursery. We have no clue!

Lets all just learn to zip it!

Published by Abie Sisson

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