Wow it feels like forever since i even opened this blog. So much has been going on. We started vlogging again and really working on growing our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I hope to get back to writing more soon!!

So if you haven’t already heard, Ryan and I are on a 30 day FRUIT ONLY challenge. Today is our 11th day on it! And we are feeling pretty good!! It hasn’t been the SHOCK to our system (at least not yet) that we thought it would be!! I think too because we had already started eating cleaner so our bodies weren’t so shocked when we went on this FRUIT ONLY challenge. I have been eating cleaner, but with my body being so full of toxins, I knew this was something I needed to do.

As most of you know I’ve been struggling with Acne for almost a year now. I started to get it after Luke was born. People keep telling me “Oh it’s hormones, or postpartum etc.” I’ve never struggled with acne my whole life until now. But my acne definitely started to get worse once I started to change the way I was eating. Which made me think-there has to be some toxins going on in my body that are somehow trying to come out. See the go to “oh it’s hormones” is an easy cop-out because what comes next is being put on a pill or prescribed medication or using products that aren’t safe for our bodies-quick fix-but not permanent. I didn’t want to go that route. I wanted to dig deeper. I knew there HAS TO BE a reason my acne.

Well from lots of reading and research (please don’t message me saying “You need to be careful who you read and that scientist and research is the only source we have to take truth from-studies have been done to prove this and that”-because we are obviously learning more and more that those cannot be relied on as much anymore) I started  to learn things that went against so much of what i had been told or believing my whole life. Especially in the area of food. I used to feel sorry for people that ate healthy and tried to live clean..I assumed they were missing out on so much. Actually it turned out to be the other way around-I was the one missing out.

A few months ago I started following Anthony Williams on Instagram – I ordered all his books on the Kindle and started reading them. It blew my MIND! For once I had answers for what I was going through. That was huge for me because after having blood test one after the other-several doctor checkups-ultrasounds etc, NO ONE could give me a clear answer. Now I had them all. I would stay up late just to read and find out more.

Now I know alot of you will look him up and probably DM me letting me know “You need to be careful-he’s a medium-he talks about SPIRIT..blah blah blah” I am 100% aware of that. I do not follow him for his spiritual advice..I do not follow him for his spiritual testimony. I follow him because the HEALTH information he is giving is saving thousands of peoples lives including mine own and it lines up with alot of what the Bible gives about health. The information he gives for once makes sense…it lines up with everything. For once we have someone who doesn’t give you a SWIPE UP button where you have to pay like $199 to get the info they have about health or how to change your life. No, it’s all FREE! I know alot of people in the medical field are trying to take credit for something he started “CELERY JUICE” but that’s the cool thing-he just lets them-he’s in it for the people. And if you go on facebook or listen to close minded people-they will probably tell you to stay away it’s a fad etc…etc…etc…it’s your choice..your health! Most of those people that are always complaining about their headaches, being tired and feeling sick all the time-are so used to their life by now. Just don’t write it off till you’ve at least tried it..not for a day, or a week…this isn’t one of those pills you pop every week. You have to give healing TIME. This is natural healing..healing takes TIME…and if you are not patient and want a quick fix..make that doctors appointment asap, he’ll help you out with that:) Trust me PATIENCE is the one thing i’ve had to learn through this time…ask my family i am not patient at all!

Okay, I know that’s alot. And I probably come off as a know it all. Oh well, my passion is to share the stuff I’ve learned with others just like SOMEONE shared with me. And if what I share offends or bothers you, simple solution..just unfollow me. I’m here for that ONE person.

Sooo…lets get into it. I believe I have STREPTOCOCCUS + EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS. Yes. I know i’m not a doctor…i don’t have a degree…I probably sound like a looney. But that’s what I have. I will share different parts or ALOT from Anthony’s books to help you better understand why I know i have that 🙂 But first a little background on my medical history:) enjoy!

Almost 4 years ago I had a HORRIBLE amoeba. I’ve told this before, but you’re here so just go with it. I was given the worst medication of my life- FLAGYL and UTI medication for a UTI I didn’t even HAVE!!!! It almost took my life. I had to cut my hair soo short because it almost all fell out-i had hallucinations for so long…i had major shocks going through my body that went away but came back after giving birth..i have major fatigue (not as much since i’ve changed the way we eat) and alot of female problems that have slowly started to heal themselves. Anyway, thank God He sent someone and that time to offer me something natural that seriously opened this whole door to discovering how to live a healthier natural life-non dependant on MEDICATION and pharma. Since then I have learned things I absolutely cannot unlearn. Now that i have a son…him and my husband + myself of course our my passion. I want to do so much for Jesus, but have been held back because of poor health. I believe that the medication i took 3 years ago came to the surface at the time of giving birth. Now i am I focused on detoxing and riding my family’s body of those medications and toxins. YOU CAN HEAL. Whether you believe that or not I don’t care. I say this over and over I’m sharing for the ones that are open minded to living healthier.

Did you know that when we have acne it means that it is “harboring a chronic, low-grade level of STREP.”? Did you also know that ANTIBIOTICS are one of the STREP’S fuels of choice? and one of the liver’s greatest ENEMIES?” Medication feeds that the strep that is causing your acne which ends up having your Dermatologist just write you a prescription for more medication? 

What comes first? THE ACNE OR THE ANTIBIOTICS? the ANTIBIOTICS. Our livers storage bins of this and other pharmaceuticals  can go back to childhood and even babyhood. Like so many other liver troublemakers, they can also be inherited through your family line from foremothers and forefathers, so you can actually enter life with antibiotics stored in your liver.” AHHH this part tears me up! Cause all the antibiotics I took were passed on to Luke. That’s why I’ve made it a goal to help him detox. I want those nasty toxins out of his body!! moving on… “Ear infections are caused by strep, though normal diagnosed as general bacterial infections that call for antibiotics-With a baby’s first ear infection though, it normally isn’t that bad yet. At that point in time, the infections can usually be handled easily with natural antibacterials and antivirals such as ELDERBERRY SYRUP, LOMATIUM ROOT, ZINC, GOLDENSEAL, VITAMIN C and MULLEIN-GARLIC EAR OIL.”

UTI’S and bacterial vaginosis, which are both caused by STREP, are frequently misdiagnosed as YEAST INFECTIONS; that is, CANDIDA proliferation, because that is what is apparent to doctor’s.

What does all this have to do with ACNE? EVERYTHING! Acne is a result of early wars that go undocumented in people’s lives. Everyone who deals with a true acne condition has a history of taking antibiotics they took for acne. Antibiotics always come first. For the very few who struggle with acne and yet never had antibiotics prescribed in early life- not even pre-memory, for example for a cough at age two-then the Antibiotics were passed down through the bloodline or came into the body through ANIMAL PROTEIN. It isn’t just that strep becomes resistant to antibiotics; it also learns to use them as fuel. Refined petroleum, basically a form of engine oil, is in all antibiotics-not because it needs to be; it’s because industrial deals were made and business contracts were signed, probably long before you were born. Plastic as well, are in antibiotics, and of course, lets not forget GMO (genetically modified organism) corn grown for medical use. Strep learns to consume these antibiotic ingredients, feeding itself off the very treatment meant to kill bacteria. 

Antibiotics do not just disappear from our system once we’ve finished a round of them. THEY STICK AROUND, becoming part of the space junk stored inside your LIVER. That’s “space junk” not just in the sense that your liver is like a space polluted by man-made debris; it’s also space junk in the sense that it’s junk taking up space. Leftover antibiotics and so many other toxins, and poisons are there in the liver, keeping strep nice and happy in its very comfortable environment. Meanwhile, they edge out space for the good. 

In CHILDREN, strep can take the form of PANDAS (paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections.) Again, what does this have to do with ACNE? Everything! They’re conditions that very often affect young people, prompting prescriptions for antibiotics and giving strep a chance to take hold in the system so it can eventually blossom into ACNE. 

Your liver always wants you to do the right thing, like drinking a glass of lemon water everyday; eating more fruits, leafy greens, and other vegetables; and sipping CELERY JUICE when you can. That’s NOT what we learned to do, though. Instead we were told to INCREASE OUR FATS by “experts” who have no idea what causes chronic illnesses to begin with. 

If you think you’ve never consumed an antibiotic and neither has anyone in your family line, THINK AGAIN! Have both you and your ancestors never, not once in your lives, consumed a piece of REGULAR CHICKEN? A hamburger at a chain restaurant? A conventional turkey at someone’s Thanksgiving? These are all sources that are regularly pumped through with antibiotics. If you try to outwit the reasoning of how these pharmaceuticals enter your system, you’ll only outwit yourself of your HEALTH. 


Acne is often blamed on hormones. It’s one of the most common, accepted, bread-and butter concepts out there and one of the greatest mistakes in modern medicine today: HORMONES CAUSE ACNE. (Many doctors are now suggesting that some cystic acne is autoimmune; this is also WRONG.) The timing of acne hitting at adolescence is indisputable, so it’s understandable that the medical world makes the hormonal mistake. In truth, it’s STREP taking advantage of puberty. 

Acne breakouts that occur with the menstrual cycle are another reason that the medical world mistakenly tags acne as hormonal. The truth is that a woman’s immune system lowers around her period, which is why acne cysts can show up before, during, or even after her period. It’s not over then. Next, ovulation comes- the middle of the cycle- and once again, the immune system lowers, strep makes a break for it, and acne occurs. If women are not on healing foods, herbs, and supplements and avoiding triggers, they become more susceptible. Many women in menopause or postmenopause wake up one day and realize they don’t have acne anymore. It’s not because of hormones; it’s because their immune systems aren’t lowering on a steady twice-a month schedule anymore to let strep escape to their lymphatic systems and, in turn their skin.

Dairy products ten to find their way to our subcutaneous tissue, giving strep plenty of delicious food. So do eggs from breakfast omelets, fats from chicken dinners, antibiotics in these foods that were fed to the animals to fight off strep infections at the farms where they were raised, and antibiotics from the public water system. Today’s alternative medical communities believe that DAIRY PRODUCTS such as MILK, CHEESE, and BUTTER, as well as grains such as wheat, are problematic because their allergenic. (Although cheese is making a comeback. The high-fat trend is now promoting cheese as a healthy longevity food.) They observe that the more acne patients eat wheat and dairy, the more they break out. This correlation isn’t really because of an allergy. These acne breakouts happen because strep loves wheat and dairy . When they’re in the diet, strep goes into a frenzied feast, launching new, low-grade attacks on the skin that eventually display themselves as cystic acne. 

When acne is treated with the antibiotics, the liver must the soak them up which can weaken the liver’s personalized immune system and allow for more gangs of strep bacteria to hide in the garbage heaps among old, stored antibiotics. 

This is why building up strong immune systems throughout your body is a critical step in addressing and preventing acne and other strep related ailments. Being proactive and making this internal organ a strep unfriendly environment will go a much longer way toward protecting your skin than treating yourself with the best facial, the best face wash, the best lotion, the best PILL, and the most sought-after blemish potion combined. 

sooooo….that’s all i’m gunna share from him for now..most of that was from STREP-I’ll share more about the EBV next time…cause if you just read through all that your probably like “WHAT?!!!” and your mind has been blown…or you’re probably rolling eyes. If your mind is blown and you want to learn more…go follow him on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK where he shares so much more…even better though- DOWNLOAD HIS BOOKS! or look for him on SOUNDCLOUD

I am on a journey to heal my STREP. I will share the stuff I learn along the way. I am not yet where I want to be..I have acne, I am super skinny, my hair is crazy unhealthy…and my body on the outside doesn’t look healthy..but I am learning that as I heal the OUTSIDE will reveal it. Just like my heart as a Christian, if it’s right and clean, it will show on the outside! Thanks for sticking around and reading all the way through! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions-if you want to debate or argue-i probably wont open your messages:) Only letting positivity around for now 🙂

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