He loves to grab the brooms whenever we’re cleaning. Its bigger than him of course 🤗The Bible college kids have a garden on the property. My Dad loves it cause before we came to the Philippines he had his own little garden and he spent alot of time in it…so he’s down there everyday. Luke and I walked down there yesterday he was having the best time. He is so curious so I have to keep my eye on him 24/7!! His uncle Ron dipped him in the water bucket. It was filthy but he was so happy. He loves water so much. I always have to keep extra clothes with me at all times cause if were out anywhere and there is water we let him play in it.As soon as this kid can play I am 100% sure he’s gunna be down at the gym everyday! We cant go to the mall with out stopping by the basketball shooting game. We go to look at toys and the first thing he runs to is the balls. He loves to play with the scoreboard buttons too! Our VBS is next week so alot of the parents were at the church decorating last night so he got to play with a bunch of the church kids. I want time to slow down so bad yet my heart is so happy watching him grow, make friends, discover things. Everyday is definitely not boring with Luke.


I dont know who read my blog post awhile back about us processing Lukes DUAL CITIZENSHIP and how God worked so many things out + how we were waiting to get the call if he got approved.

Last Saturday I got a call from the Embassy in Manila. I was scared to hear what they were going to say. My heart was beating so fast. The lady on the phone asked if I had remembered them requesting additional proof of having a total amount of 5 years in the US from the age of 14 up.

See that was one of the requirements that I had at least 5 years presence. I was nervous because both my mom and I went over the different times I hd been there and to be honest it didn’t come close. But we just kept praying and asking God to show favour.

I told her yes I had remembered and the extra documents were on their way. The lady then mentioned that “Oh Ma’am I just wanted to inform you..we will no longer be needing those documents. You had the 5 years needed.” Then she was kind of silent. The next thing she said was “You’re son has been approved. His passports and documents will be sent you within the next week or more.” 😭😭😭

It was truly all God. I am 100% convinced God put those extra dates in my passport!!!

These two little passport books will always be a reminder of how GOD answers prayer💙😍

THANKKK you to everyone who prayed!!


I feel like it has been forever since I’ve sat down and actually blogged. I’ve missed it! I’ve gotten side-tracked a little with things so i’ve lost focus with my space here. So I thought i’d sit down and write today:) Life has been really great! I feel so lucky to be where I am right now. I love being a wife and mom. I remember thinking years ago how I cant wait to be married and have a kid and how slow time felt like it was going and now it just wont slow down. I feel like tomorrow I’m gunna wake up and Lukes going to be a teenager!


We are in the process of trying to get Luke dual citizenship. Because I am American and my husband is Filipino, we are qualified for it. That doesn’t mean they are required to hand it over to us. We’ve spent alot of time praying and asking God to allow us to get it. The process is we fill out forms, send in papers and wait for them to contact us from Manila letting us know when our appointment is. After that we have to book tickets RIGHT AWAY once we know the appointment date and you know how it is when you book tickets on the usually don’t get good prices. Plus once we get up there we have to pay for hotel, food and transportation. It cost ALOT.