A couple of years ago I got a really bad AMOEBA. I was in the hospital twice- for a total of two weeks. I was the sickest I had ever been. I got it from drinking tap water at a restaurant. Which was CRAZY to me because after so many years of living here and drinking water from so many places – I end up getting it from a nice restaurant.


Hey Guys! Heads up…this is a long post:) + I feel like my words are all over the place. Oh well. Enjoy!

If you follow me on my Instagram or Youtube Channel you already know that for almost 2 months now my husband and I have been eating Plant Based.

I do not take for granted that God gave us a child

If we had to choose which year has been the all know we’d choose 2018. That’s when God chose to give us Luke. Ryan and I can’t even remember life before Luke haha! The other day Ryan had to go to a PNP Bible Study and he said the whole time he kept thinking about Luke. That’s how it is for us. I sometimes think “I just need a few hours without Luke to get stuff done, then when he’s not around I’m thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I DO?” 

AUDREY GOODPASTOR: I had a very limited understanding of my limitless God

Four months–we have been home just four short months, but in some ways it seems like four years instead. So much has happened in that short time frame. After an absence of two years from our life, work, and home on the mission field, so much has changed–perhaps, nothing more than we ourselves.