We are in the process of trying to get Luke dual citizenship. Because I am American and my husband is Filipino, we are qualified for it. That doesn’t mean they are required to hand it over to us. We’ve spent alot of time praying and asking God to allow us to get it. The process is we fill out forms, send in papers and wait for them to contact us from Manila letting us know when our appointment is. After that we have to book tickets RIGHT AWAY once we know the appointment date and you know how it is when you book tickets on the usually don’t get good prices. Plus once we get up there we have to pay for hotel, food and transportation. It cost ALOT.

So Ryan and I began to pray real hard. To be honest financially we just didn’t have it. We were literally begging God to provide the right amount of money we would need + we had Lukes passport and citizenship to pay for which was going to cost another $215. My mind felt like it was going to explode. I would wake up early and pray and everytime i’d bring it up in prayer I felt like crying. I asked the Lord to work.

We sent his papers off last week. A couple days later we had just laid down for a nap when Ryans phone rang. It was the Embassy up in Manila. They told Ryan how they had received the papers and that everything looked good. The guy then went on to ask Ryan “Sir, would you rather just not have to come up to Manila and just drive to Davao for your interview?” Of course Ryan said YES! He said they were sending a group from the Embassy down the following week and that it was a first come basis from 7:30-12. They only send a group down ONCE A YEAR!! All we had to do was show up and the ones interviewing would be up to date with our case.

Ryan hung up the phone. We both got up and went and sat at our kitchen table. Ryan began to tell me everything. I cried. I cried real hard. I’m a mom know so I CRY ABOUT EVERYTHING ha! Honestly I did not expect God to work it out this way at all. I had it in my mind that he would provide the money and everything we would need to go up to Manila. But isn’t that the best thing about GOD working-cause HE does it HIS way and it’s always 10x’s better than what we could have asked or thought up!

So it actually worked out perfect cause our Anniversary was on Monday and the interview was scheduled for TUESDAY. So Ryan and I went down-with the kid- haha-on Monday spent the whole day together and had the BEST time. I have to admit I was nervous the whole day thinking about the interview the next day.

To make all this a little shorter- the interview went GREAT! The embassy people were soo kind. Luke was literally an Angel. He was so behaved. Basically everything was fine. They just sent our papers back up to MANILA and we will know within the next couple weeks if he got approved. Honestly we really covet your prayers because one of the requirements was to have at least 5 years of presence in the U.S past the age of 14. I’m not sure if I have enough. So please please pray that the Embassy will show special grace and favour and grant Luke dual citizenship. I will do a follow-up post once we know.

I just wanted to share this…because honestly the past year has been a rough year when it came to my prayer life. I have left God out alot. Alot has been changing for us as a family and I just want to encourage you to ASK. Whether you’re away from God or close. He loves YOU and just like most parents He wants to give you every desire of your heart!


Sunday Luke and I went with Ryan to hear him preach at a church. It was like an hour away but thankfully Luke slept the whole way!! As soo. As we got there some boys were playing basketball he went right over and started “trying” to talk to all of them. They all were so cute cause they shared their ball with Luke. This kid loves basketballs!Ryan and I woke up yesterday and realized that we only had 4 days left before he turns one so we decided we wanted to make sure we made these last 4 days really special!! I can’t believe my baby boy turns ONE. He’s walking everywhere!! Which is nice cause he’s so heavy and my little body can’t carry him too long anymore! I’m so sad yet so excited at the same time!!! I love watching this kid grow!! Plus i finally figured out a theme for his birthday!!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Yesterday we got up early and went down near the market to get decorations for his birthday-cause they’re way cheaper down there than the mall. He has no idea whats coming๐Ÿ˜€ he loved the party shop though!!

Then we took him to the mall to see Jollibee cause I mean it doesn’t get more special than that for him ha!๐Ÿ™ˆ he loves JOLLIBEE so much. Everyone says he’s definitely filipino cause he walks right past Ronald McDonald and straight to Jollibee. It was so cute cause he was in his stroller and whenever we would walk by people he’d wave and smile like he knew them๐Ÿ’™

This year has been the BEST!!


I read this quote the other day that has stuck with me since I read it.ย 

“I don’t believe there are devils enough
in Hell to pull a child out of the arms of a GODLY MOTHER”

My hearts deepest desire is to raise my son for the Lord. I want Him to grow up and be exactly and do exactly what GOD wants him to do. I want to have a part in him growing up to love the Lord. 

I thought it was so good I wanted to make it into something I could print out and hang on my wall to remind me of this HUGE AMAZING RESPONSIBILITY I’ve been given.



Ryan and I were talking the other day how we’d be content if Luke was the only child God ever decided to give us. It’s true!!! I mean obviously if we have other’ll be different in a good way!:) i had a dream the other night that we were having another kid and I woke up crying cause I kept thinking “Nooo! I still have so much I want to do just us 3!”haha

Amber Canavan: “My Story for His Glory”

When I started this new blog, one of the main desires I had was to bring more attention to Christ and what He is doing in my life and in the lives of others. I wanted to bring more attention to His name. One way he showed me I could do that was by sharing other peoples stories of His hand in their lives. So I began to ask God to bring to mind people that I could have write for my blog that HE KNOWS their stories would be an encouragement to others who read them.